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Open System Colonic

(Colon cleansing, high enema, colonic irrigation) 

Colon Hydrotherapy

Open System Educational Colenz colon hydrotherapy

Colenz® Class I Professional

Non-prescription, FDA Registered

Introducing a Class 1 non-prescription, FDA registered, client operated colon cleansing device. No Medical Director required.

This revolutionary colon cleanser is so easy to use and so comfortable; you can do it yourself! We provide the facility, equipment and supervision, you do the rest. You’ll love your Colenz. The results are astounding!

Our nozzles are extremely comfortable and very flexible. They have a rounded end with two holes on each side. Many accessories and attachments are available for your comfort, including a knee rest, back cushion with pillow and an extender for taller clients. We are committed to producing the most comfortable colon cleansing experience available.

This device is compliant with FDA regulations set forth for the industry which includes the benefits of a cleanse for general well being.   

Additional Information

The Colenz® colon cleansing device is a FDA Class I non-prescriptive system. It is classified by the FDA as an Enema Kit and as such is available for use by all individuals as a self administered cleanse. The client receives a very effective cleanse on this device because the person is lying virtually flat, allowing the water to flow around the entire colon without the counter forces of gravity.

During a 45 minute session the client will be flushed with up to 15 gallons of water. Dr. Bernard Jensen was involved in the design of the angle of the table and the rate of water flow.

The Colenz® is a gravity-fed device. The water gently hydrates the colon through a flexible rectal nozzle that is ¼” in diameter. There is a one-way check valve between the nozzle and the water tubing to prevent the back flow from the nozzle.

The Colenz® has both a warm (98° to 102°) and a cool reservoir. Most cleanses are performed at body temperature. The Colenz® is an open device allowing the body to evacuate naturally. Larger solid pieces can be eliminated without having to fit through a speculum. The rectal nozzle is locked in place and moves to the side when the client eliminates the waste matter. The nozzle cannot be over-inserted into the colon because it is locked into the scoop on the catch basin. The solid waste materials are collected on the bowl under the table for inspection at the end of the treatment. The unique design of the Colenz® allows the elimination of odor with a fan that forces the smell down the sewer without a separate venting system. The entire procedure is virtually odorless.

The Colenz® device is extremely easy to clean and sanitize. After inspection of the debris, the therapist opens the power flush valve and a concentrated stream of water forces the material down the drain. Within about 30 seconds the materials are gone and the therapist can spray a sanitizing solution onto the surfaces and rinse with the spray wand. The table surfaces are sanitized and dried and pads are cleaned with sanitizing wipes and put back into position. Sanitizing solution is added to the water reservoirs and is drained through the tubing. Following the rinsing of the tanks, the device is ready for the next client and there is no chance for any cross contamination.

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News & Articles

“Colonic Irrigation, on the Rise” As one of the most common causes of lethargy is constipation, there's a growing interest in purgative practices such as colonic irrigation and the use of laxatives. Certainly, the slow passage of waste products through the colon may increase the resorption of some potentially toxic substances. One of the most effective and safe ways of ensuring the efficient and complete expulsion of such waste from the body is to eat a high-fiber diet. Wheat bran is especially effective in helping clear the contents of the gut and is consequently often referred to as 'nature's broom'…

BBC Health

October, 2005

“Corrects Constipation” “One of my more significant cases was Tommy, an eight-year-old boy with the most awful constipation anyone could imagine,” says former general surgeon and emergency medicine specialist Paul Flashner, MD, of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Observing their superior results for his patients, Dr. Flashner has recently adapted his treatment techniques almost completely to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). He has most definitely incorporated colon hydrotherapy as a regular CAM technique.

Medical Journal Report

June, 2000

“Death Begins in the Colon” These toxins and “dead” foods lead to poor digestion, constipation, toxic colon build-up, weight gain and low energy. These common symptoms are more than just an inconvenience – they can lead to long-term health problems and serious disease. “Of all the polite topics of conversation, the state of one's intestines is probably at the bottom of most people's lists. Let's face it: Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, diverticulitis and colon cancer are simply not things we like to discuss. And yet, as the old expression goes, death begins in the colon. Don't believe it? Ask any coroner. Autopsies often reveal colons that are plugged up to 80 percent with waste material.”

Vegetarian Times

March, 1988

“Colon Cancer Increasing” Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or rectal cancer, is cancer of the large intestine or bowel. Most cases start from polyps on the lining of the intestine. Polyps are small, mushroom- shaped growths, which most of the time are harmless. However, certain kinds, called adenomatous polyps, have the potential to become cancerous. Colon cancer is among the most common types of cancer, with more than 104,000 new diagnoses each year. An additional 40,000 people are diagnosed annually with cancer of the rectum. Genetics plays a role: Up to 1 in 4 people with colon cancer have family members who have had the disease. Lifestyle is also a factor: People who aren't physically active and who eat a high-fat or low-fiber diet are at increased risk.

John Hopkins Medical Journal

July, 2005

“Growing Popularity” Colon hydrotherapy dates back to biblical times. No one is certain how many people employ this practice today -- either via home treatments or via outside clinics -- but many in the field say the numbers are increasing, along with overall interest in alternative health practices. Even among colon hydrotherapists there are different opinions on what benefits can be derived from the procedure. Some say that simply flushing out old fecal matter promotes energy and wellness. Others are more specific. ”We use colon hydrotherapy to tonify the bowel to help produce a better elimination practice for the body," says Mark Groven, a naturopathic physician and medical supervisor at the Bastyr University natural health clinic in Seattle, Wash.

CNN Health

February, 2000

Could Cincinnati Colon Hydrotherapy Help you?