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       Fit Body Detox & Wellness

                    Maintaining Wellness Inside & Out

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In Addition To Colonics We Also Offer Many Other 

Services You May Be Interested In

Cryo Sculpt Lipo 

(Cool Sculpting)

Cryo (cold) therapy is performed by using cold temperatures to completely freeze and kill the fat cells in the area of treatment. Vacuum therapy is also used along with the cryo (cold) therapy which aides in skin tightening. The fat is then eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Cavi Sculpt Lipo 


Cavitation is performed by using Ultrasound technology and infrared heat to breakdown/destroy and liquify the fat cells in the area of treatment. Vibration & Vacuum therapy are also used to aide in skin tightening and flushing of fat through the lymphatic system.


Post Op Care Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Post op massages help reduce swelling and fluid build up. Post op massages also reduce the risk of fibrosis (tissue hardening) and reduce pain and recovery time. Post op massages are performed manually by hand and can also be combined with cavitation and vibration therapy for better results. 

Body Wraps

The Wellness Studios has two selections of Body Wraps. Our "Detox Body Wrap" - Is a black osmotic compression wrap that aids in lymphatic drainage and the break down of fat while sitting in our infrared sauna for complete detoxification. Our "Quick Sculpt Body Wrap" is a wrap made of multiple natural components that mold and slim the targeted area within hours!

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening sessions are performed by using advanced whitening techniques and UV lighting.

Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are lead-free Swarovski crystals that are applied to your teeth with non harmful adhesive. They do not damage the teeth and can be easily removed.